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Inspiring Ways to Reuse Shoeboxes – 15 Cool Things to Make

Old shoeboxes are something we all have lying around in our houses. Instead of just taking up space sitting in the back of the shoe cabinet and if you have some free time during the weekend or kids who like playing with scissors, you could make some pretty cool-looking, creative and useful things for your home.

Reuse Shoebox – Lockable Handmade Box

If you’ve got tons of makeup lying around and you always have trouble finding what you need, you can quickly organize it and at the same time reuse shoebox that is no longer needed. Make a DIY organizer or holder for your makeup using scissors, some glue and studs.

Reuse Shoebox Into Jewelry Organizer

What about if you’re into technology and want to make yourself a projector for your smartphone to watch movies. All you need is a shoebox, tape, scissors, a lens, your smartphone (of course) and a lot of creativity.

Everything said until now is just an example of how you can reuse shoebox in your free time. Whether it’s something you can use to organize your stuff with, something you can make for a special occasion or just a way to get your kids entertained and tired, it’ll leave you with less boxes taking up your free space and the satisfaction of reusing them instead of throwing them away. More ideas below:

For those of you with kids looking for ways to spend their energy, but want to stay inside – dig up a shoebox you have hidden somewhere and give it to them along with some glue, color paper, scissors and look at what they can do with their imagination.

And something for those of you who have their wedding day coming up or a friend’s wedding too. You can make an amazing letter box for all the cards from the guests. Of course it’s not just enough to cut it out and glue it together. You’ll have to cover it with paper made out of a nice material and for the full effect you’ll also want to add a ribbons.