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24 Brilliant Upcycled CD Crafts Ideas for Home Decoration

The technology continues to evolve faster and faster by every minute. Because of that, most of the devices we currently use will be outdated in a short period of time. CDs are a great example of something that was an inseparable part of our lives a few years ago. Now we have cloud storage, flash drives and overall easier and faster storage methods. That doesn’t mean, those discs we all have lying around, should just gather dust or go to waste. Instead, here are some ideas for a few cheap DIY CD crafts.

CD Crafts – Easy Cute DIY Ideas

If you’re a creative person who can either draw, decorate or just make cool-looking stuff for your room we have some suggestions for you. Get a pile of those old CDs and just break them all into pieces. Now, instead of throwing them away, you can pick up the pieces and decorate your wall with them. You can make DIY animal models or whatever you like CD Crafts on your shelf. In case you’re sick of your  boring old coffee table, you can also glue them on the tabletop and freshen up its look. Maybe you’re the type of person that doesn’t like getting glue on everything or just doesn’t like breaking stuff. In that case grab a pen or anything you feel comfortable with drawing and just let loose on the discs’ surface. When you’re finished, you can hang your creation on your wall to show it to anyone that comes over.

CD Crafts – Terrific Things to Make at Home

What about if you need new shades for the lamp in your room. No problem! You can either make the hanging version or the standing version depending on what you need. And if you’ve got kids you can even give them a few sheets of paper, scissors and some glue and watch them make something like the CD handmade owl.


On the topic of table centerpieces in order to save you some money and a trip to the shop, you can bend (or just use multiple) discs, put on some padding on the inner side where you will place the candle and voila – you have a new upcycled candle holder. And that’s just a few of the CD crafts ideas you can make with minimal effort.

As you can see there is a tremendous amount of things you can do with all those old discs you have lying around. Whether it will be something for your room, your table, something your kids will make and put in their room or just something you can get creative with, it’s always a good idea to reuse everything instead of just throwing it away, no matter if it’s going to be CD crafts or anything else.