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Recycled Steel Pipes – Amazing DIY Lighting Idea

Having an unique home is difficult these days when IKEA is the lord of home design. Of course, you can pay lots of money to someone who will design your interior. Another option is to use your imagination to create cheap DIY product and arrange your place with it. The recycled steel pipes are absolutely amazing idea and they are very inexpensive in most of the cases. You can turn them into an upcycled lamp. Some more guidelines below!

Recycled Steel Pipes Turned into an Art Design Idea

To create your upcycled lamp you have to decide how to do it. In our example we give you an old unwanted engine. You need to sand all details before you start. The engine itself could be oily and dirty so make sure you wash it with a good oil removal solvent. Before paint the recycled steel pipes you need to sand them as well.

For the next stage you will need some more muscles and strength. All recycled steel pipes need to be fixed to the engine part. This will be the skeleton of our vintage lamp. Pipes will be the bones of the lamp’s body! To looks more¬†sophisticated try attaching a thermo hygrometer. And don’t forget to find place for the bulbs! ¬†

Recycled Steel Pipes – DIY Thermo-Hygro Meter