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How to Make a Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Out of Scraps – 19 Ideas

The golden autumn is here! And it’s high time to bring out your fall decoration from the basement. Or even better! Simply craft a new one and add a special touch to your home. If you have lots of leftover fabric scraps or old clothes, then you can upcycle them and transform them into cute pumpkins. Here are some ideas on how to make a stuffed fabric pumpkin out of scraps.

How to Sew a Fabric Pumpkin

For these cute diy fabric pumpkins you don’t even need a sewing machine. You can manage it with just a string, a needle and a hot glue gun! Depending on the size of your pumpkins you will need cotton fabric in the following dimentions: 15 x 30 cm (small pumpkin), 20 x 40 cm (medium pumpkin) or 30 x 60 cm (large pumpkin). You will also need synthetic wool for stuffing the pumpkin like fibrefill.

Lay the rectangular piece of fabric on the table. Then fold in half and, with the right sides together, stitch up the stort length of the rectangle. Sew the bottom with large stitches along the edge. Do not knot the thread ends. Now pull the gathering string to close the fabric and knot. Then run a gathering stitch along the top, gather gently and tie off. Stuff from open end, using fiberfill, and finish pulling string till opening is as small as possible. You are now ready to add a stem and embellishments!

You can use a twig from your backyard or a cinnamon stick. Hot glue the stems into place over the hole on the top of the pumpkin. Wrap around the base some burlap string or raffia and add faux leaves from the craft supply store. Be creative!

Another great idea to make a stuffed fabric pumpkin is to use old clothes such as t-shirts, sweathers, woolen socks or even a beanie. The technique is the same: Make coarse stitches along the top of the beanie, fill it with stuffing and pull the string together to close. When you have the basic form, you will now want to form cute little sections. Pinch together the middles of both sides, go down with the needle and pull the string to the orher side. On the outside, bring the thread back up to the top. Repeat several times and tie off the string.

Experiment with different fabrics and embellishments and have fun!

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