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24 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Tires as a Garden Decoration

You can transform your old tires into useful objects, that would make your garden even more attractive. Therefore, we offer you some creative ways to reuse old tires in the garden. Flowerpots, stools, tree swings, garden tables – all of these are perfect for your own DIY projects. Rubber is a really durable material and perfect for outdoor use.

Ways to Reuse Old Tires in the Garden

Old tires can be stacked in a pile and used in the garden to form small garden beds for vegetables and flowers. These mini – gardens require less water and the black rubber absorbs heat from the sun. In addition, the soil warms up faster when it is above the ground. This additional heat stimulates the growth of the plants. You can be first in the neighborhood that have fresh tomatoes all year round! Herbs, peppers, potatoes and other crops are also perfect for this. You can also paint the tires in different colors and create a true artworks – brightly colored parrots, graceful swans or bears with cute faces.

 Ways to Reuse Old Tires – as Hanging Flower Container