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20 Practical Uses for Empty Tic Tac Containers

It is always a good idea to recycle packaging, especially made of plastic, and transform it into something useful. If you also like tic tacs, don’t throw away the empty boxes anymore! There are some creative uses for the small plastic tic tac containers that you certainly wouldn’t have thought of. Here are 20 cool ideas for what else you can do with your empty tic tac boxes.

They are great helpers for women keeping their everyday essentials organized

Use it as a storage box for your bobby pins and elastics. So you will never lose your hair pins again. It is also a good way to transport them when you are going on a trip or for the gym.

To transport your jewelry

This is one of the best hacks for keeping necklaces untangled

For sponge tip applicators for eyeshadows

When traveling –
They are great for protecting your toothbrush

For cotton ear buds

If you are going on a trip and want to carry cotton swabs with you, there is no better way than this. Large containers are better if you want to take more cotton swabs.

In a large tic tac box there is enough room to place a whole soap bar, too.

To organize your spices

If you want to take spices with you on trips or to keep the kitchen shelves tidy, you can simply fill the flavors into the empty boxes and then label them.

To store your toothpicks

This way you can always have toothpicks on hand or in your bag.

You can make your own waterproof matchbox

Simply glue the striking surface, which is deposited on the side of the matchbo, to the side of the Tic-Tac box. It’s a great idea, if you love going to camping.

To make a first aid box

Put your survival utensils (nail file, tweezers, bandages, etc.)

For DIY enthusiasts, store your crafting essentials in these small boxes

Use them to store your ribbons for handicrafts. So they don’t get tangled and you can roll them off easily

To store your sewing equipment / safety pins

Another very practical storage space for your buttons or sewing needles.

Make an emergency sewing kit when traveling

To organize your beads and sequins

For nails, nuts, bolts, screws

Now you will know where there are nails when you need them. You can also assort the sizes and label the boxes: 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm and so on.

A great tip for storing seeds saved from your own garden

These boxes can also be helpful to hobby gardeners. Different seeds can also be wonderfully kept in the empty cans or given to friends. Dry your seeds completely before packaging them.

Tic tac boxes are perfect for storing fish food

Organize your office supplies

The empty tic tac boxes are also ideal for tidying up on the desk. So all the small items such as paper clips and writing utensils have their own place and you have them quickly at hand.

Each supply in its box for a top organization

To keep your headphones from getting tangled

Take the empty tic tac boxes to transport your headphones safely and space-saving. Thanks to this trick, your headphones will no longer get tangled and you will easily find them in your handbag.

You can also use it as storage space for your cables. The large container is much better suited for this, especially with longer cables.

To store your SIM cards or memory cards

For batteries and even small USB sticks