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20+ Inspiring Ways to Recycle Milk Cartons

We all love milk. This natural source of protein, minerals and vitamins is ideal for everyone. But do you use the milk container again? Or maybe you just throw it away? Nope, we are pretty sure you recycle milk cartons as our readers! Of course the shape of the milk container is perfect to upcyle it and make beautiful DIY home decor or gifts. It is simple, as all our ideas! The first thing guys is to drink the milk! We are joking of course! The best idea is to ask your kids for a help. Encourage them to create some craft items and meanwhile explain for the benefits of consuming milk.

Recycle Milk Cartons as a Cute Gift Box

One of the cutest idea how to recycle milk cartons is to make it a Gift Box! Wow an upcycled idea to make a friend happy! Yes, when you next time give a present, you will explain to your friend that you have made it just for him or her. Emphasis the real problem with the pollution and tell them is a great idea to recycle or to prepare that kind of wonders. The upcycled wonders!

Recycle Milk Cartons – Sweet Sweet Candy Boxes

There are lots of holidays so you can use the ideas above. Recycle milk cartons when you have to make a candy box or when you have to create a DIY Christmas boxes. Decorate them with the suitable paper and ribbons and you are ready to place them around your house. Find some gorgeous DIY ideas below!