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Easter Crafts Made of Reused Tin Cans and Glass Jars

Metal and glass: these materials have changed our lives since the very early ages. Nowadays most of us try to reuse these products but others inspired by Easter crafts ideas, create wonderful products. We all have tin cans in our homes. Also we use glass jars in our daily habits. Why not try to upcycle them for Easter? Great gift for your home, great gift for our Planet!

Easter Crafts – DIY Cutlery Holder

Here it is so simple Easter craft idea. The plastic cutlery are not the ideal example of how to use this cheap upcycling holder, but we are sure you have metal ones at your homes. Just get one large tin can and decorate it with colorful fabric and ribbons. You can do it for less than five minutes. Try to affix the ribbon with a hot silicon or other glue to avoid dropping it down.

Easter Crafts – Reused Tin Cans as Decorative Ornament

Using jars are the other great Easter craft idea you can adopt for the following holiday. This time you need to paint them with some nice Easter symbols and flower decoration, because spring is here. Aks your kids to come help you out with decorating and encourage them to use their craft abilities.