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Decorating Old Wooden Christmas Sleds

When I was a child, I waited with great impatience for the first snow. I could not sleep and eat until I see the snow falling. For my sixth Christmas my father gave me a very fast sled. I called this my supersonic Christmas sled. Why am I telling you that? Last year I found it in the basement and because I am no longer child I wanted to give a new life of my sled. This is so creative idea for your Christmas decoration. It will bring you back in the days when you were a kid.

Christmas Sleds as Rustic Candle Holder

You can create many recycled items using Christmas sleds. These DIY projects are absolutely green and will awake the child inside you. One of the best cheap upcycling craft is the candle holder. Just upward the sled and affix some timbers over it. You will have a great looking DIY Christmas decoration.

Upcycling Christmas sleds are perfect idea If you have chosen to decorate your home inside or your garden. This DIY projects look so natural and so vintage that you will love them for sure. And finally after all holidays you can destroy it and use the sled to have fun outside over on snowy slope.

Upcycled Christmas Sleds into Tree Base