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20+ Upcycled Garden Glass Flowers Made of Old Plates

Your garden won’t be the same when you see these amazing DIY garden glass flowers. When we say flowers we don’t mean literally flowers. As you know, we always give you interesting and upcycling craft ideas for your home and hobby so this time you will see the proof that your unwanted plates could be upcycled in a brilliant way:

Garden Glass Flowers – Cool Creativities!

If you want to refresh your garden making it unique, lovely place where you can stay longer, be creative use plates and reused kitchen cutlery and make garden glass flowers right inside the real flowers and leaves. Your artificial ones will be perfect finish.

Repurposed Garden Glass Flowers

All DIY projects bellow showing you how to do garden glass flowers using upcycling plates and cups. Use strong adhesive for outdoor usage and clean well both surfaces before gluing. Be creative, think different and stick porcelain plates and coffee cups together