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Recycling Vinyl Records – 24 Clever Household Ideas

Recycling vinyl records isn’t an easy task for anyone. Not because of the fact that there are no interesting DIY things you can do with vinyl records you don’t need anymore, but because it’s difficult to make them into the shape you want. In most cases you’ll need to either melt them or get them heated enough to bend them, which is not an easy task. In fact the results are incredible!!!

Recycling Vinyl Records – What Can be Made?

This upcycled stand is great for your fancy laptop, isn’t it? It is made of recycling vinyl records and will be your perfect friend of your portable computer. The modern and the old fashioned. Let’s say you need a new bag, because your old one is either torn or you just want to switch things up. Instead of going for the standard ones, you can always make one that will stand out from the rest. Just find a way to either sow an old vinyl record you don’t plan to use anymore or get it done in a tailor shop. Yes, you’ll likely get a few strange looks. Or maybe you want to get something that will change the look of your room. The way to do so is to get a new upcycling clock. This DIY idea will catch the eye of anyone who comes into your room. Instead of getting a normal one, with a plain old colored frame, why not get something more unconventional.

Recycling Vinyl Records – Art Project Ideas


If you’re a book nerd or just a casual reader, you’ll need something to hold those precious things. You can always go out and buy a normal book holder, but why? Just upcycling vinyl records! All you have to do is to bend those old discs without breaking them and you’ll have a nice addition to your creative room decoration.

As you can see it takes some effort, but recycling vinyl records is definitely worth it. You’ll be happy knowing you’re not throwing away anything and you’ll have something that’s useful and stylish.