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Upcycle Cheese Grater – 11 of the Best DIY Ideas Ever

Someone says that cheese is the most addictive food in the world. We can buy cheese in many varieties from melted to sliced or even grated, which  may save your time. So why you not upcycle cheese grater and turn it into a wonderful diy creation. Of course we don’t want you to spend so much money for grated cheese so of course we wouldn’t recommend buying that kind of cheese from the supermarkets because it is quite more expensive than the regular. Just buy a nice metal grater and follow our ideas bellow for your best upcycling art piece.

Upcycle Cheese Grater Into Flower Pots

To upcycle cheese grater you don’t have to be the smart guy. Everyone knows that the simplicity is the key for the greatness. Our so simple idea above is one of them. Your table won’t be the same. Just reuse your old grater and make awesome centerpiece. This cheap DIY flower vase will change your way of thinking about upcycling!

Upcycle Cheese Grater – DIY Earring Holder

Sometimes finding your missing earring is the most difficult task in your life. You are on hurry and your boyfriend is waiting for you, but you…you can’t find your favorite ear jewelry. With its small holes the metal cooking device is the best way to store your earrings. Just upcycle cheese grater into a cheap but clever earring holder!