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Tire Recycling Ideas – 23 Animal-Shaped Garden Decorations

It’s summer time! Your garden may look better, if you make one of these amazing, cute tire animal projects. Just go to the local car service center and you can buy some unwanted, old tires or check in your garage. Here you can find creative and fun animal tire recycling ideas for your garden or patio.

Tire recycling ideas – sweet tire rabbit!

This gorgeous blue rabbit can be made from two old tires. The first one will be used for its body and the second one for its legs, arms and these cute long ears. This bunny would be placed in your garden and your kids will love “him” as a real pet. Scroll down for more tire recycling ideas.

Birds tire recycling ideas

Try these tire recycling ideas and turn your garden into a place for fun and relaxation. Be more creative and start upcycling!