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20 tin can craft ideas – flower vases and plant pots

 Ordinary tin cans are another proper material, which can be easy upcycled. Tuna cans, coffee cans, vegetable or soup cans – you no longer have to throw them away. With a few original tin can craft ideas you can transform them into useful decorations for home and garden. Just make sure there are no rough edges on the cans before you finish your project.

Tin can craft ideas – great spring centerpieces

From old tin cans you can make colorful plant pots or great spring centerpieces. You can also paint them in different colors or decorate by gluing fabric, napkins or gift paper to the sidewall of the can. Secure with a lacquer from the craft store. Fill soil in the flower pots and put herbs, strawberries or small pansies inside. Here are some tin can craft ideas to inspire you!

Tin can craft ideas – Decorate your table



You can make every table more beautiful with these little versatile containers. Flower vases and garden table decor are one of the most preferred use. Check these tin can craft ideas and choose your favorite!