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Wooden cable spool table – 40+ upcycled furniture ideas

   You’ve probably seen them several times and maybe you have thought that they look interesting and fun. The cable spools are mostly found in electrical wholesalers, contractors, or even on Ebay. They can be easily upcycled and repurposed. If you need a garden wooden table, you can build it from pallets or you might consider a simpler way by using a cable spool. As versatile as shipping pallets, cable spools could be used as coffee tables in the backyard or side tables for indoor use. Check out these great wooden cable spool table ideas and get inspired for your own projects!

Wooden cable spool table – upcycling ideas!

It is extremely easy to transform a wooden cable spool into garden table. You need to leave the spool standing  upright and that’s it! The more interesting part is the decoration of the wooden cable spool table. Some of the options include adding a glass top, mosaic or parasol for the hot summer days. The effort for a project like this is minimal, that’s why wooden cable spools are so in demand.

Wooden cable spool table – great backyard decoration!

If you like the original look of the cable spool, you don’t have to change it. As an alternative you can paint it in some bright color or just varnish it. If your cable spool is small, you can install casters and make it mobile. Here are some wooden cable spool table ideas for your garden!