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Recycling Old Wooden Doors and Windows for Home Decor

Don’t throw away your old style wooden doors, if you have decided to change them with new PVC or alternative ones. The wood is perfect material for decorating your home although the plastic doors might be better for your home energy efficiency and will be definitely more durable. Recycling old wooden doors and windows are great upcycling homemade ideas that will refresh your garden or your indoor spaces.

Recycling Old Wooden Doors and Windows for Wall Decoration

1. Decorate your walls with these vintage style reused doors!

You can create almost anything made from recycling old wooden doors. From flower pot shelves to beautiful photo frames, or even bench made of window shutters…but please mind your weight.

Recycling Old Wooden Doors – Think Creatively!

2. The patio won’t be the same if you varnish an old unwanted door and make it a flower shelve.

3. DIY window shutter painting – The sea will be closer!

4. If you wish your garden looks like the gardens of Versailles

Find some more recycling old wooden doors and windows frames ideas below. Some of them are funny but most of them will blow your mind! If you make some of them please find us in Facebook and share it with us!

5. Your girl will love you more than everything if you do this alternative “photo frame”!

6. Reused windows shutter bench.

7. DIY garden arbor – Don’t forget to paint all garden projects with paint for outdoor use!

8. Upcycling doors inside your house.

9. Reclaimed vintage style door project idea.

10. Isn’t it great?

11. Paint these upcycled chairs with vivid colours for more fun.

12. Your old unwanted doors can transform into a great DIY photo frame.

13. Vintage headboard made of upcycling doors.

14. Wall decorations!

15. Replace your boring tools organiser with this one.