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Upcycled Ladder Shelves And Creative Display Ideas

Your home is the mirror of your soul. If you are reading this most likely you are person who explore and love to try new things. Upcycled ladder shelves – what do you think? It is unusual, modern, extravagant but definitely will get your neighbours eyes on it. Find some old ladder and paint it in colours matching your home style and ta da…your home DIY improvement project is waiting for you!

Upcycled Ladder Shelves – Imaginative Decor Ideas

Your terrace or yard will look amazing with upcycled ladder shelves. Arrange with some flower pots and the balcony will be transformed into a gorgeous rustic place where all of your family will love to stay. For indoor spaces experiment with A-frame ladders as a bookshelves. Ideas below:

Upcycled Ladder Shelves – Creative A-Frame Bookcase

Use an A-frame upcycled ladder shelves for a garden party. Just place your dishes, cocktails and glasses with champaign for example onto a ladder and your guests will be amazed of your creativity. Please be careful with this diy shelves because it is not suitable for very modern style properties. This is a nice idea if your home has a rustic or vintage outlook.