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Wind Chime Crafts – 21 Brilliant Upcycled Ideas To Make

The summer is knocking on our doors and we stay more outdoor in our terraces, balconies or gardens. Wind chime crafts are perfect for relaxing and beautifying our places where we love to stay or drink a glass of wine. You can arrange your living room or corridor with these lovely ideas to make your day more enjoying! Get some ideas bellow:

Sea Glass as a Perfect Idea for Wind Chime Crafts

They are incredible different designs, that’s why we love them. In the idea above you can gather whatever you want or like and tide them up with burlap and you will create amazing homemade wind chime crafts. You can use a small stick and sea glasses or even coral if you live close to the sea.

Wind Chime Crafts – Spring and Summer Outdoor Recycling Ideas!


The real point of the wind chime crafts is to let them play with the wind. Think creatively and do some adorable upcycling chimes, which will be perfect diy garden ornaments. Use some forks or spoons, door keys or unwanted garden junk. Design your own upcycling wind chime sound. Make it unique!