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20 inspiring ideas of how to reuse teacups and teapots

Glass or ceramic teacups and teapots could be also recycled when they aren’t used already in their normal purpose. You can upcycle them as a candles, garden planter or a clock. Reuse teacups (round shape) with plates as a garden table centerpiece decoration. Here are some fresh ideas with teacups and teapots which are used in completely different purpose!

Reuse Teacups – Centerpiece for Garden Table!

Reuse teacups as a planter is another great way to decorate your home. You just need to use small plants, so that the volume of the cup could provide space for soil and the roots of the plant.

Reuse Teacups – Mini Garden Planter Ideas!

You can  take some old teacup and fill it with liquid wax with a similar color. Add several drops of perfume and after cooling you’ll have a beautiful candle!

Teacup lights are unusual and really challenging DIY project. You should known that only porcelain cups and pots can be used as suitable material. Some knowledge of electricity is required too, so be careful with the cables!

DIY wall clock with old teacups! Just paint a plastic board and glue the cups on it. Install the mechanism and your clock is ready!