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Upcycling Halloween pillows for your indoor decoration!

Your party indoor decoration won’t be completely finished if you don’t use Halloween pillows. Upcycled-Wonders.com gives you 12 ideas how to make easy and creative cushions from recycling materials. Let’s make Hallowen motif covers for our pillows. What do you need? Imagination, coloured fabrics, patterns, old pillow covers, burlap, unwanted cloths and of course good mood!

 Amazing pumpkin Halloween pillows

Our Halloween pillows are not scary but they will be perfect addition to your decoration. You and your family can comfortably sit on them while watching horror movies and telling scary stories. 

You can still use these Halloween pillows
after the party

Each of these heads has got a crazy and scary, individual face. Place many of them onto the armchair or mixed them with other All Saint’s Eve decoration. Encourage your kids to create different looking pillow faces.

Your Halloween creepy and unique decoration will be amazing if you arrange all cushions together with our easy-to-make idea for empty milk jug luminaries.