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Homemade Halloween decor – 13 empty milk jug luminaries

Using empty milk jugs for your homemade Halloween decor can be a good lesson for the kids about the importance of upcycling and also keep the jugs out of landfills. You probably have old items at home, get experimenting with them and you may save money too. Milk bottles and jugs are basic supplies that can be transformed into beautiful decorative Halloween luminaries.

 Homemade Halloween decor – awesome indoor lanterns

You just need to clean the jug in and out and use it as a basis for a Halloween luminary craft project. Insert a candle or a battery-operated light inside, after that you can decorate it with markers or paint the jug in different colours. Here are some homemade Halloween decor ideas for you scariest party!

Homemade Halloween decor for your creepy party

These empty milk jugs are perfect craft for kids. They can be used as sweet jars or creepy pen holder. Paint them like pumkins, ghosts or skulls. Don’t forget to decorate some jugs like black cat or mummy with googly eyes!

These scary luminaries will look great in the backyard or on a sidewalk!