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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Using Recycled Materials

This Easter make your upcycled wonders and use recycling materials for your diy project. Get rid of your old unwanted items and make your holiday even greater because you will do something special and unique with these Easter egg decorating ideas below:

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas – DIY Clothespins Basket

1. Upcycling clothespin basket will keep your eggs on a safe, warm and cozy place.

All upcycling Easter egg decorating ideas required all your creativity and imagination. If you have both you will also need recycled materials like newspapers, eggshells, clothespins, used wrapping paper, ribbons or old fabric.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Using Old Clothes

2. Wrap your eggs into a colourful silk fabric and tie them with a ribbon or just a burlap jute rope.

3. From broken eggshells you will create amazing Easter egg decoration! [CLICK FOR MORE]

4. Please do not destroy a bird nest to create your Easter decor, make your own.

All Easter egg decorating ideas will be part of your holiday maybe next year, we are sure. Many of them will be stolen from your neighbours and guests, so make sure you going to use recycling materials to make that happen.

5. Using unwanted newspapers make your DIY Easter basket!

6. Perhaps the easiest Easter craft idea – upcycling metal pins turn your eggs into Rock’n’Roll eggs! Don’t forget to boil them first!

7.   Upcycled toilet paper rolls as a Easter DIY egg holder.

8. This will take some time…

…but the result will be fabulous! Upcycling newspaper egg basket!

  9. Repurposed metal bucket Easter project.

10. Use kitchen table napkins or glossy wrapping paper for this Easy Easter idea.

11. Roll the eggs with your husband’s tie and boil.

12. Another great idea using old fabric and some doilies.

13. Rural style!

14. Upcycling fabric eggs.

15. Sprinkle some water over a newspaper and wrap it some eggs.

16. Get involved your kids.

17. Reuse your old magazine papers and create a gorgeous DIY basket.


18. Arrange your Easter table with this magnificent centrepiece!

19. One of the cutest Easter egg decorating ideas.