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17 recycled craft ideas for Christmas tree ornaments

During the Christmas and New Year holidays each family tries to decorate their homes and every detail has to be perfect for the upcoming celebration. This is usually done by using standard decorating ideas. If you want to surprise your guests and prefer a different interior decor, we offer you to reuse some old materials and create a real homemade masterpiece. Look at these Christmas tree ornaments made by empty matchboxes!

 Christmas tree ornaments from empty matchboxes

What are the advantages of these ornaments? Firstly, you do not need to go to any shops in searching of Christmas items. Secondly, these Christmas tree ornaments are a guarantee that the spirit of your home will be unique. Homemade decor ideas can be different in so many ways but we will focus on the most popular. That includes reusing of sewing buttons, plastic bottles, wine corks, old sunglasses, vintage zippers and plastic cups. In order to make it easier to choose your DIY project, here are some great upcycling ideas!

Reused sewing buttons for Christmas tree ornaments


Another way of decorating the Christmas tree are spools of thread. It is not necessary to buy them, just look at the closet. You can use different colors and shapes of the spools. Make some ribbons as a finish!