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Handmade Christmas crafts – 15 ways to recycle glass bottles

Nowadays handmade Christmas crafts are so popular because many people have changed their opinion about recycling materials and their usage. You can create gorgeous DIY projects only with trash. Yes, trash! You will love the idea to beautify your home with unwanted bottles. Plastic or glass, they are going to change the Christmas spirit and next year maybe you will use them again. Cheap, creative and Green as our mission: “Give your old things a new life!

Reused Bottles Transformed Into Handmade Christmas Crafts

What you need for these handmade Christmas crafts? Bottles of course. All kind of them. Watercolour, printable sticker labels, ribbons and beads, different style of glitter powder and finally to protect your work a varnish coating. How to apply and what varnish to choose here.

Handmade Christmas Crafts to Upcycle Your Glass Bottles

You can place your new handmade Christmas crafts just under the Xmas tree next to the gifts. For those of you, who love upcycling too much is our unconventional idea – Christmas tree made entirely from plastic bottles!

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