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Christmas Table Centerpieces – Easy Holiday Decorations

Christmas is coming and we need some unique, cheap but meanwhile beautiful decoration. This time try some new upcycling Christmas table centerpieces. Give a new life to your empties. Be part of the world eco revolution this time. You going to feel wonderful because you will not use plastic decoration, which is all around us. Be creative and upcycle wine bottles in a cheap centerpiece or candle holder!

Homemade Christmas Table Centerpieces

This upcycled bottle is a perfect gift for your friends. Homemade Christmas table centerpieces are also ideal for your mums. They will love the idea! It will take some time to paint the bottle and attach some Xmas DIY ribbon but this will be appreciated by your mums or loved ones.

Mason Jar Christmas Table Centerpieces

To make this gorgeous Christmas table centerpieces you have to collect some pinecones from the nearest forest or to visit your local craft shop. You can use also unwanted wine corks, which you probably keep in the kitchen drawers. Inspire some ideas from the examples below! More upcycling wine cork ideas here