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30+ Easy, Upcycled and Creative – DIY Clothespin Crafts Ideas

Wooden clothespins for hanging up clothes were invented in 1700s. Great invention for so many years, however many people use cloth dryers nowadays and that’s why we have to create something amazing with this wooden pegs. Check these clothespin crafts DIY ideas for your house, wedding, for your kids party or even home indoor decoration.

Will You Marry Me?…or Clothespin Crafts Idea for Your Wedding

You can create so many animal toys and insects using clothespins. This is an awesome surprise for you child’s birthday party. Here are some art, clothespin crafts ideas for children.

Fun and Easy DIY Clothespin Crafts for Kids!

Try some of our clothespin crafts ideas and make a fantastic front-door clothespin wreath decoration, or glue some of them together, use a varnish and you will have a Christmas star. Affix some clothes pegs on the wall and you can hang up your lost socks or make your personal calendar with memos. Everything down below!

DIY iPhone earbud cord organiser

Christmas clothespin indoor decoration

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