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11 Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas for Kids

If your toilet paper roll tubes are not able to be flushed and if they’re not made of watersoluble material, keep them and you will see how many wonderful small Thanksgiving masterpieces you can make. Join all family together and encourage your kids to get their brushes, scissors, glue and you will be amazed how cute could be these small buddies. Here are some thanksgiving crafts ideas for your kids!

Indian Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas

Walk around your closest park, collect some bird feathers and very easy you will equip your small Indian fellows with the proper camouflage. Use old unwanted socks for cool toilet paper clothing. Just cut small stripe and use it for cute top.

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas For Kids

Complete your home decoration with these thanksgiving crafts ideas and together with the kids enjoy the holiday. They will fall in love in these astonishing meow-tubes. Very colourful and funny homemade sweeties.