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Recycled Halloween Crafts – 17 Old Tin Cans Decorations

Impress your guests and family with your creative DIY Halloween Crafts ideas using upcycled old tin cans. Nowadays everyone of us is looking for some cheap decoration. That save your precious time, but why not using your imagination and create some amazing Halloween art. Funny and of course scary decor for your home, right from unwanted tin cans…yeah you’ve got loads of them and most important you will Give your old things a new life! (our motto)

Halloween Crafts – Mummy Candy Cans

Do you like this mummy candy Halloween crafts holders? If yes…just get some cans in different sizes and gauze rolls twisted around the bodies of the mummies and there you go! Just attach some googly eyes on the right place and they will watch you all the time,….Scary and weird?

Halloween Crafts for Kids – DIY Tin Can Luminaries

Many of our upcycling Halloween crafts are very easy to be done from your kids. They will love doing this and you will teach them to recycle their trash. With colourful sheets of paper, scissors, acrylic paints or even toilet tissues you will create amazing homemade Halloween decor – cheap and unique! To be more easier you can just pierce the tin cans and put some candle inside. Ideas below: