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Glass Jar Christmas Crafts – 17 Homemade Holiday Inspirations

Being creative means to reuse something that no one wants and to turn it into a beautiful peace of art. This is also called Upcycling! We give you some ideas what to do with the empty jars you have. They can be used for a very cheap but unique décor! For your glass jar Christmas crafts get some ribbons, burlap and hemp rope and go to the local craft shop for an artificial snow spray and you are ready!

 Glass Jar Christmas Crafts – Magical Ways to Use!

1. Christmas glass jar decorating idea for outdoor luminary decorated with pinecones and ribbons!

To create your glass jar Christmas crafts maybe you will need some herbs or other seasoning right from your kitchen. If you don’t have over-dried cranberries or other berries just put them into oven on the low temperature until they look dry. Your living room will be aromatised if you put a cinnamon close to a candle.

Glass Jar Christmas Crafts – Winter Luminaries

2. Christmas candle craft made of jar with beautiful cranberries and a cinnamon decoration!

3.  Easy to make Christmas DIY jar decorated with a rope, rosemary and artificial snow!

4. Our favourite upcycling idea: a DIY Christmas blue glass jar tied with an amazing hemp rope ribbon

As you see to do a glass jar Christmas crafts is a peace of cake for you upcyclers. Whatever unwanted material you have chosen you will get the most amazing DIY Xmas décor! More ideas below, Enjoy your holiday!

5. Again use cranberries, cinnamon, pine sprigs, upcycled burlap and ribbons to create awesome table decoration!

6. An upcycling glass jar candle holders for you lobby or outdoor usage!

7. Glass jar Christmas crafts – A diy luminaries with pine cones!

8. Mason jar Christmas DIY candle craft with a red ribbon and deers

9. Mason jars Christmas DIY centerpiece craft with glazed cranberries and pine sprigs inside

10. Xmas craft idea using unwanted mason jars, glitter balls and FUN!

11. Help us save these poor Santas – but please, don’t break the jars!

12. Upcycled jar snowglobe for a Christmas gift!

13. Candle holder with golden ribbon as a glass jar Christmas crafts for everyone…

14. Mason glass jar DIY snowglobe!

15.   Upcycling glitter glass jar candle holder…for Christmas spirit!

16. Every jar deserves its own Rose!

17. Just jars! Yeah