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Cool Upcycling Design – Recycled Bicycle Chain Chandeliers

The bicycle is one of the coolest inventions ever made. From an early age every kid has one but it’s also very good for adults that can bike to work. That keeps them fit, saves money and it’s a faster solution in rush hour traffic. But what if the bicycle chain gets broken? You will change it with a new one and continue using the same bike, for sure. But what would happen to the old bike parts? They could be upcycled to become new functional items with a great curb appeal. The amazing projects of Carolina Fontoura – chandeliers and lamps made of bicycle chains – are a perfect example of that. These recycled bicycle chain chandeliers will be a highlight in every room.

Creative handmade bicycle chain chandeliers!

Use your imagination to create your own wall sconces, pendant lamps or chandeliers made from old bicycle chain. You will need a lot of bike chains so look for bikes that has been discarded in the trash and harvest their parts.

Examples of reused bicycle chain chandeliers – Art lamps and decoration!

Enormous handmade chandelier for your living room

Upcycled  wall lamp from a bicycle chain