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Upcycling Nespresso Capsules – 15 Easy DIY Ideas

Coffee is the most popular drink all around the world. You probably drink it in so many ways. The coffee pods and capsules are very handy, easy for serving and they reduce the time for preparing coffee. You can find them in many colours and materials and they are perfect for handmade jewelries. In the examples below we present DIY ways of upcycling nespresso capsules. Ideal gift for your girlfriend, mum or just for yourself!

Creative Necklace from Upcycling Nespresso Capsules

If you are a coffee lover you know that the pods are easy to be shaped so when you have done your DIY masterpiece you will enjoy it for long time. The upcycling nespresso capsules are fantastic and you won’t stop wearing these handmade necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Upcycling Nespresso Capsules Jewelry  – Easy, cheap and looks awesome!


Inspire yourself and make some of these upcycling nespresso capsules DIY ideas. Great for your home decoration and lighting. Enjoy!