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Reuse Car Rims – 15 Smart DIYs Made From Old Car Wheels

It is a great and unique idea to reuse car rims even if you like cars and all auto accessories. If you are not able to say goodbye to your old unwanted wheels, just upcycle them and bring them a new life. What you need: A pinch of creativity, few hours painting and not much money! Many of the projects can be used indoor but some of them are great for DIY side table or upcycled garden hose holder.

Reuse Car Rims – Brilliant Use For Old Car Wheels!

If you have teenage boys maybe the best idea to decorate their room is to reuse car rims and made a modern handmade chandelier. They will love the idea for hanging car wheel from the ceiling. It is strange but also you can upcycle alloy wheels and turn them into a classical bar table or even barstools.

Reuse Car Rims – Clever Ways to Repurpose Around Your Home!


It is not necessary to repurpose old allow wheels because they are more expensive than the steel ones. For your cosy fireplace use the cheaper steel wheels to keep your firewood tidy. Reuse car rims into book shelves at your modern, avant garde home. Also swap the Bentley brand wheel with whichever one you find, othewise you will got the most expensive DIY coffee table.