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Christmas crafts for kids – 15 toilet paper roll ideas

Christmas comes and we all want the most beautiful decoration at our homes. This year we will invite you not to buy the typical tree ornaments that will ends up in the trash. Help the environment, leave the usual proposals from the nearest store and make your own Christmas tree ornaments from recycled products. You can collect empty toilet paper rolls, which are the basic for these charming, original Christmas crafts for kids.

Easy to Make Christmas Crafts for Kids


To make this craft your kid needs several empty toilet tubes, some old fabric, glue and inspiration! Check these creative ideas for Christmas crafts for kids, save money and enjoy the time spending with the family!

Christmas Crafts for Kids – Adorable Handmade Ornaments


A simple craft, which we may be surprised by its originality is a Christmas tree made of toilet paper rolls covered with colorful handmade papers. You only have to spend some time fixing paper rolls each other until you form a triangle and glue the decorative paper. Finish the top with a shiny star!