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27 Romantic Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girl

Have you ever wondered what to buy for your girl? Most likely your budget can afford luxury and posh gift, but if not? Here are few cheap, creative and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your girlfriend will love for sure. You have to spend an hour or two and your gift will be the best, since you have met your girl!

Tin cans…as a Valentine’s Day gift, why not?

You may find the tin can idea very fresh so find proper fabric and ribbons and cut a nice, huge heart to symbolise your love, and you are ready. Wonderful decoration and amazing valentine’s day gift. Buy some delicious chocolate biscuits and put them inside the cans. You can lie her that you have cooked them on your own, but shhhh that will be our secret!

Love is all around – creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas are so many. From upcycling old wormy gloves to diy clothespin newlyweds. Try to use sewing buttons and make a LOVE frame, or glue wine corks and shape them into a heart. If you have old light bulbs you can make a gorgeous, handmade vase. Get inspire yourself with these ideas below!